Exercise Dictionary

On this page you will find links to all of the exercises that are used in my workouts.

180 degree squat jumps

ankle taps

anti- gravity plank hold


Around the worlds

Back extension on stability ball

bent knee hip raise

bent- over alternating row

bent over dumbbell reverse fly  

 bent over dumbbell tricep extension

bent over row

bicycle crunch

bicep curls/ dumbbell bicep curls

big circles + squat

bridge with skull crushers 

Bulgarian split squats


butt kickers

calf raise squat

chair dips

chair lunge (one legged lunge)


curtsy lunge

curtsy lunge with knee tuck

Dead lift

donkey kicks (glute kickback)

dumbbell curls 

dumbbell flyes

dumbbell one- arm shoulder press

dumbbell tricep extension/ Tricep extension

dumbbell front side raise

Dumbbell Raise

dumbbell swings 

dumbbell thrusters dumbbell shoulder press

dumbbell upright row/ dumbbell row

Exercise ball pikes 

fire hydrant donkey/side kick

floor leg lifts

forearm press

forward bends and kicks 

front deltoid raise 

front kicks 

Front raises

glute bridge march 

goblet squat

hammer curls

high knees high arms

hip bridge/ butt lifters

Incline dumbbell chest press

incline dumbbell curl

Inner Thigh Sculptor

Inchworm pushup

jumping lunges

jumping squat

kettlebell row

kettlebell sumo squat with row / kettlebell sumo high pull

Kettlebell swing / dumbbell swing

kneel and lift 

lower body jacks 


lunge and curl

lunge jumps 

lunge with dumbbell

medicine ball burpees

Med ball squats

medicine ball side lunge with touch

mountain climbers

One arm dumbbell row

One arm plank with tricep kickbacks 

One-Legged Curl

overhead tricep extension

Physioball Hip Bridge

Pilates heel beat

Pilates leg circles

Pistol squats

plank/ Forearm press

plank knee tuck with twist 

plank jacks

plank jack knee tuck

Plank kick outs

plank lunge row

plank shoulder touches

Plank Press

plank scissors

Plank to pushup

Plank with arm reach 

plank with lunges 

plank w tricep extension

plank with twist

plank walk out with knee tuck

plie squat

plie squat pulses

plie squat with dumbbell

Plyo curtsy lunge

Pretzel side kick 

prisoner squats

Prone hamstring curl

pullover with dumbbell

Push kick

push-up on exercise ball

Push-up to plank toe tap

push-up to T position 

reverse bridge dips/ chair dips

Reverse flye

reverse lunge with front kicks

roundhouse kick

running foot touches

Russian twists

Saddlebag Buster

scissor kicks

seated cable rows

shuffle kicks (jumps) 

side lunge

side lunge knee tuck

side lunge with dumbbell twist 

side plank

side plank hip drops

side plank kicks

Side plank lateral raise

side plank with dumbbell twist

side to side plank dips

Single leg dumbbell deadlift 

Single leg wall lunges 

Smith machine plie squat

Smith machine squat 

speed skaters 


spiderman pushup


squat and curl

squat dumbbell twists 

squat jumps

squat presses

squat with side leg raise

squat with kickback

stability ball pullovers

stability ball pikes

Standing band hip extension 

Standing Palms-In Dumbbell Press


stiff leg deadlift

sumo squats/ sumo squat with dumbbell

sumo squat with row 

sumo squat jumps


tricep dips

triceps kickback

Turkish get- ups 

v- ups

walk out to plank knee tucks wall sit

Walking lunge with plate overhead 

walking lunges with weights

wall sit with lateral raise

wall sit with weighted ab twists

Weighted ball hyperextension

Weighted clam bridge

weighed punch

Wrist Rotation

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