Spaghetti monster and the only makeup you need

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great week and are ready to enjoy the weekend!

Two words- college football. Ah, the most wonderful time of the year is apon us and all is right in the world.

Anyways, I promise I won’t be too obnoxious on the blog about football. I know how annoying that is on social media and I can’t afford to lose anymore friends.. 😉

In honor of the most wonderful time of the year, I wanted to do a little Friday fav’s because I am just in that kind of a mood.

E.L.F. Cream eyeliner

elf cream eyeliner

This stuff is awesome and I am still in awe at the price- 3 freakin dollars! As I have posted before, I am a fan of their brushes, but sometimes their makeup is hit or miss. This stuff stays on all day and doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes ( P.S. don’t ever type ‘raccoon eyes’ in Google- I am still traumatized). Just make sure to close the cap all the way because it can dry up easily.

Since we are on makeup..

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer 


Seriously the only makeup you need. It instantly brightens you and has great coverage for the worst dark circles. I keep this with me at all times.

Spaghetti Monster

spaghetti monster

I love how the only picture I have of Joseph crying is because he opened a box of raw spaghetti and apparently didn’t like the taste.

Chick- Fil- A breakfast

chick fil a

Because sometimes that is the absolute only way you are going to get through the dang day..

Shut Up and Play The Hits- LCD SOUNDSYSTEM

shut up

DVD of their final show and it’s awesome.

The Civil Wars

the civil wars

Although they released this after their breakup, it did not disappoint. I love the folksy angst of the album. You can feel their pain and relate to the heartache and sweetness in the songs.

And last, but not least..


Roll Tide, ya’ll. 😉

Have a great weekend!


Lower body gym/ home Circuit

Good Morning!

Are you guys have a great week so far? Mine has been much better since my last post. Joseph and I got through the day successfully, he more so than me, and are ready to go back Friday! His teachers said he loved the playground and was ‘non stop’. Ha, tell me something I don’t know.

Apparently wearing shoes to school is mandatory, so naturally I sent Charlie this text message:

txt message


Glad we are on the same page.

I have a great lower body circuit for you today. I did this at the gym on Saturday, but you could do it at home as well.

Love your legs circuit


Have a great day!

Why my heart broke today and how to set up a push/ pull training program

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is having a good morning so far. To be perfectly honest, mine hasn’t been great. Joseph started going back to Mommy’s Day Out again after a summer break and it hurt my heart leaving him. His teacher in the spring was a godsend- she was an older lady who had been in childcare for more than 20 years and reminded me of the sweetest grandma I have ever met.

j and martha

J and Miss. Martha

Dropping him off in the ‘big boy’ class with new teachers and more children was almost unbearable. He only goes a couple days a week and I know in my heart it is good for him because he gets to socialize with other kids his age, but when my sweet baby started balling after he realized I was leaving, it took all the strength I had to make it to my car before I broke down.

Joseph is such a happy, lovable baby, so I know he will make friends and adjust well, but that doesn’t make it easier for me.

j and mommy

I honestly do not know if I am meant to have another child because I don’t know if I can take going through these difficult moments again.

j and mommy 2

Enough of my whining, let’s talk fitness!

Push/ Pull training

I talked last week about how periodization will help you break through a plateau and keep your workout from getting stale.

Today, I want to talk about another type of training that will have the same effect and will also keep you from getting injured.

I am talking about push/ pull training.

What is push/ pull training?

It’s pretty simple: One day you train the muscles that ‘push’ and the next day you work the muscles that ‘pull’.  When you split your workouts in movements you give the muscles sufficient time to rest, thus greatly decreasing your risk of injury.

What muscles are ‘push’?

Push describes any muscle movement you use to push the weight away from your body.

These generally include:




What muscles are ‘pull’?

Pull describes any muscle movement you use to pull the weight toward your body.

These generally include:



  • Note: I did not include leg muscles because they are involved in most compound exercises, therefore their movements can vary. Most people use a push/ pull/ leg program when training this way.

Here are some examples:

Three day push/ pull/ legs:

Monday: Push (Chest, shoulders, Triceps)

Thuesday: off

Wednesday: Pull ( Back, Biceps)

Thursday: off

Friday: Legs and abs

Four day push/ pull/ legs:

Monday: Pull (Back and Biceps)

Tuesday: Lower- body and abs

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Push (Chest, Shoulders, Traps)

Friday: Lower- body and abs

Five day push/ pull/ legs:

Monday: Push (Chest, shoulders, Traps)

Tuesday: Pull (Back and biceps)

Wed: off

Thursday: Legs and abs

Friday: push (Chest, Shoulders, Traps)

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: pull (Back and biceps)

I hope you guys have a better understanding of what a push/ pull program is and feel comfortable trying it out next time you hit the weight room.

See- through pants and a baby lifting

I know we are all guilty of weight room no-no’s, but some of them may be keeping you from the results you are looking for, or you may even be disrupting fellow gym goers. Either way, let’s cut them out ASAP.

Here are some tips that will put you on the fast- track to successville, or maybe just prevent you from getting punched in the kidneys..

Skipping the post workout stretch- I am the first to say I am extremely guilty of this. When I am finished with my workout I just want to go home and relax, or eat. We need to take the time after our workout to stretch because it lengthens out the muscles that were contracted while working out- this is extremely beneficial to recovery. It also decreases the buildup of lactic acid, which will prevent feeling uncomfortably sore the next few days.

The older we get the more our body needs the extra stretching because we tend to get stiff and lose flexibility.

grandma lifting
Try to exercise more than you look in the mirror-  I literally saw a guy flex both biceps and check his guns out like he was in a bodybuilding mag- I think he might have actually kissed one. And he kept doing it! Who do these guys think they are impressing?


Don’t play music if you are without headphones- Seriously, No one wants to hear an eight year old Eminem song or electronica- unless you brought glow sticks for everyone..

Re-rack your weights– I have worked hard for the strength I have gained over the past few years. Although I am stronger than I look, I’m still a girl and I am not on steroids. Having said that, please don’t leave weights for me to put away that are twice my size.

baby lifting

Texting does not burn calories (even if you are sitting on a weight machine)– I swear some people are playing angry birds while they are working out. If you can play a game, keep up a texting convo, or online shop you most likely aren’t going to see the results you want.

Make sure your goods are not on display– Do yourself (and everyone at the gym) a favor and do a quick booty check before you leave the house! If people can buy $80.00 yoga pants and still moon the entire free weight section, you better believe I am checking my $20.00 T.J Maxx pants before I leave the house.

lost count

Aside from learning that I can be totally ridiculous sometimes, I hope you did get something out of our little discussion. Some of these are serious faux pas that, if avoided, could take your workout to the next level, or at least prevent you from a wardrobe malfunction. Although I don’t think anyone would notice- they are all too busy kissing their biceps and complaining about how small their calf muscles are.. while listening to the 8 mile soundtrack. 🙂

Have a great weekend!

30 minute full body attack and a beautiful post from a fellow blogger.

Hi friends,

It’s almost the weekend! My friend and I were talking yesterday about how annoying Wednesdays are because of that stupid hump day commercial! That ship has sailed, friends- No more Huuuump daaay jokes!

I have really enjoyed working at the gym so far, but I have missed hanging out with my buddy all day.

joe collage

He loves his little red car and we cruise around the whole neighborhood in it. One of our neighbors who works in her garden every morning says she always hears us coming!

Before I get into my weekly workout I wanted to share a post from Maskcara. Cara is such a superstar when it comes to make- up (she is a make-up artist) and all things pretty. She truly appreciates the beauty in life and has a way to find the unique quality in everyone that makes them beautiful. She also has such a kind soul and you can honestly feel it through her writing. She touched on a sensitive subject yesterday in her blog and it hit close to home for me. If you have ever dealt with a loved who has been haunted with some sort of addiction I definitely recommend reading it.


Okay, workout time! This one was a little different than what I usually do, but it was quick and efficient- it is also a great workout to track your progress.

The directions are simple: Do as many sets of the workout as you can in 30 minutes. Write it down every time you do the workout and see how you have progressed.

Let’s do this.

30 min full body attack


Links to the exercises:

Medicine ball burpees

Squats with kettlebell (or dumbbell)

Mountain Climbers

pushups on exercise ball 

Squat jumps

knee hugs

Have a great day, loves.

Train to prevent a plateau and boredom

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a  great weekend. Ours was great, but not too exciting and I didn’t take any pictures, so didn’t bother posting anything yesterday.

Today I wanted to explain to you something called periodization. It is a training technique that some people use to prevent plateauing or getting bored. Some athletes use this technique when training for a certain event.

spring break


  • To sum it up, periodization is breaking your training up into ‘blocks’ with each block having a different goal, thus training your body differently.
  • Each block of training that focuses on a specific goal is called a mesocycle- they can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
  • A macrocycle involves many mesocycles needed to complete the main goal (competition or race)
  • Having different goals and training objectives during each mesocycle allows your body to constantly make changes and not hit plateaus.

Back View of Man Running on Stairs

Different phases (blocks) of periodization

–          Anatomical adaptation phase– Usually the first mesocycle in a training program. In this phase you will focus on strengthening connective tissue, correcting any imbalances and preparing your body for more intense strength training.

–          Hypertrophy– In this phase you will focus on muscle growth and developing your muscles. This phase generally lasts 4-6 weeks. The loads will be medium to heavy and reps should be in the 8-12 range or 2-3 sets.

–          Strength– This phase will usually be 4- 5 weeks long. This involves high levels of intensityc(85-100% of 1RM) with lower levels of work volume. Your reps will be In the 1-4 range of 4-5 sets. Breaks will be 3-6 minutes long.

–          Power (conversion)- This phase will  be 3-4 weeks long. In this phase you will work on the speed of the force production. You will not use heavy weights here (50-80% of 1RM). You will have a 5-10 rep range and do 3-5 sets. The exercises are performed quickly with maximal effort exerted.

–          Transition phase- Lasts 2-4 weeks and is an active recovery phase. Training in this phase should be relaxed and the load should be around 50% of 1RM. You should perform only 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps. You want to focus on

  • This is just a general guideline of how periodization works. It can be different depending on what you are training for.


  • Avoid a plateau.
  • You have a set plan that is laid out on paper you can follow.
  • Maximize muscle gains
  • Prevent boredom
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Have a specific goal to your training

I hope you have a better understanding on this type of training technique. Let me know if there is anything you would like to explained on the blog!

Have a great day!