Fast track your weight loss by hitting the pavement and an ab circuit

Fast track your weight loss by hitting the pavement

Running is my first love when it comes to fitness. It has kept me in shape and helped me lose excess weight when needed.

Anytime I know I need to be in tip top shape I bump up the intensity on my running program and I see results quickly. In my experience, it has been the quickest way to lose weight, along with a healthy diet of course.

It burns more calories than any other cardio machine at the gym (although I like running outside).

Need more reasons to fast track your weight loss program and start running? Read on.

  1. Helps with disease prevention- it lowers blood pressure and raises good cholesterol. Prevents heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Running also boosts the immune system preventing colds and viruses.
  2. Prevents bone loss- regular physical activity will put the demand on your bones they need to stay strong and not deteriorate.
  3. Relieves stress and helps with depression- this is a huge benefit. It helps you clear your mind and lowers stress and anxiety levels. It is also prescribed to people who struggle with depression because of the huge psychological benefits. It builds confidence and makes you feel powerful.

Tips for making the most of your runs:

  1. Keep your diet in check- the biggest mistake I see when people start running is having major pig out sessions after. Sometimes you will feel famished after a great run, but control yourself or you will ruin all the work you just put in! Try to keep your post workout snacks under 150 calories and keep them high in protein and good carbs. If you are simply famished afterward it might mean you need to eat a little more before running, just a small snack should do the trick.
  2. Spice it up- You can’t do the same 30 minute run every day with the same course and expect to see results. Your muscles get used to this and a fat loss plateau is sure to follow. Include intervals (great for fat burning), hills, a new route and adding time to your runs. The key is to get your muscles continually guessing.
  3. Run regularly- Running once or twice a week will get you nowhere. You need to be running at least 3-4 times a week to impact your weight loss. This will build up your strength and allow you to progress. Try to do another form of cardio on the other days.

Below is a great ab circuit you can add on to that run to fast track your six pack!

* I have updated my workout page and added an ‘exercise dictionary‘ page with links to all of the exercises used in my workouts.

Abtastic summer circuit

Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Fast track your weight loss by hitting the pavement and an ab circuit

  1. Hey Heather!!

    I’m so happy you posted this because I’ve started running and someone told me it would do nothing for me because I’ll never burn enough calories! I was bummed about it until now! I know running outside is better than the treadmill but how far would you recommend running each day? I’m pretty much a beginner…

  2. Jessica! I’m so glad you have decided to start running! Running is one of the quickest ways to lose weight, it can burn tons of calories if you do enough of it. To see results you should run at least four times a week. The distance and time just depends. I would say work up to 30 minutes and when you are comfortable with that you can add time or miles if you want. The longer you run the higher your metabolism will be and more calories you burn after working out. The most important thing is to switch it up. Intervals will burn mega calories. I would say run intervals at least once or twice a week once you get up to 30 minutes. It is also important to remember that running takes patience. I started back about a month ago since not running in about a year! I started out running 15 minutes and have just now worked up to 19.. If you just push through the beginning you will see great results. Also, make sure to do some kind of weight training too during the week bc that will make all the difference as well. Let me know if you need anything else, good luck!

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