Shed the Holiday Lbs BIG Burn workout

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We definitely did and I have a little bit of a food hangover today. I love the holiday grub, but am happy to get back to my normal routine and give my poor belly a break. We had Christmas at our house and it was so much fun but there is so much food leftover and I am not good at having lot’s of food around. I don’t even keep many groceries in my house because I tend to eat everything… My brother is staying with us so hopefully he will help eat most of it.

I am extremely lucky because my husband is great at gift giving and this year he really out did himself..

My first mountain bike. I love it and have beeen wanting one for awhile so it was the perfect gift. Now I just have to wait for the weather to get better so i can use it!

I created the workout below because it is a quick 30 minute routine that is easy to do anywhere you are, and you dont need a lot of time. If you dont have 30 minutes you can always do 1 or 2 rounds instead of 3. It targets your lower body, core and will get your heart rate up.



I have listed the workouts below that you may be unfamiliar with:

 sec anti- gravity plank hold

Turkish get- ups

turk get ups 1  turk get ups 2  turk get ups 3

Pistol squats

scissor squats

Reverse lung to front kicks

reverse lung leg kick

Squat with side leg raise

squat with leg raise

Plank Wipers

plank wipers


My Barre inspired workout

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Our church has an event every year called The Living Christmas tree where they build a huge Christmas tree, fill IT with lights and the Choir of over 200 singers file in the Christmas Tree and perform several Christmas songs with a live orchestra in front of them, along with a Celtic band. They perform this for the community for three nights in a row for free. It is truly amazing and such a blessing to be able to experience.

living christmas tree

This picture just does not do it justice, but you get the idea.

We went Saturday and it was great to hear such beautiful music in a time of such sorrow. I believe it helps start the healing process.

Also, did you guys see The Voices tribute to the victims? It was beautiful. I love that song and their version was really pretty.

I have posted it below for all of you to enjoy.


Okay guys, let’s get physical, physical!

Have any of you tried Pure Barre yet, or any workout similar to it? I LOVE it! I’ve only done one class because it is pricey, but I have searched the internet for different versions out there to do at home.

All of these ballet inspired workouts involve small isometric movements to hit women’s trouble areas such as abs, thighs, arms and booty. It is supposed to make your muscles long and lean like a dancer. It is classified as low impact, but let me tell you, I work up a sweat every time I do one of these workouts and I am sore for literally days after.

Since I love Pure Barre so much I wanted to create a barre inspired workout of my own which include  my favorite moves from a variety of workouts I have found along the way that really make me feel the burn.

Below is my workout:

Barre Inspired workout

Do each exercise once, moving from each exercise with little to know break. Do as many sets as you are able to do.


Wide Plié squats: stand in wide plié stance. Do 30 seconds of deep plié squats where the knees should be directly over the toes. Next, do plié pulses for 30 seconds.


wide plie squat

Parallel plié squats: Full motion 30 sec. pulses 30 sec.

 parrallel squat


Arabesque leg lifts: do full motion arabesque leg lifts for 30 sec. Next, do arabesque leg lift pulses for 30 sec.

arabesque  arabesque 2


Carousel horse: do for 30 sec

carousel horse  carousel horse2

Dancers twist: 1 min

dancers twist

Standing Glute press: 30 second right leg. Next, 30 sec glute pulses. Switch sides

 standing glute press  standing glute press2

Plie jumps: 10 reps

plie jumps



My favorite fitness gifts for everyone on your list

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying the holidays.


I have to admit that I have not been able to exercise as much as I would like to this time of year- it is my way to relieve stress and center myself. Although I haven’t been able to workout I have been getting my heart rate up and building muscle with all of the errands and holiday shopping I have done. Afterall I do carry around a 17 lb weight with me everywhere I go.. This doesn’t exactly relieve stress but I am burning calories.

One way I HAVE been able to stress less is getting all of my Christmas shopping done! I have, for the most part, purchased everyone’s gifts. I can’t believe it, considering how BIG of a procrastinator I am. I just kept think how bad the crowds will be if I waited, and I know tis’ the season to be jolly, but most people are quite the opposite when it comes to crunch time and I don’t want to get involved in all that..

Since we are on the topic of gifts, I wanted to give you my list of the best ones for the fitness lover in your life, or just anyone trying to kick start the new year with a healthy body and mind.

1. Toeless yoga socks- I absolutely love these bad boys! They are cute and are great for, not only your favorite yogi, but for anyone who prefers to do their workouts barefoot. The best part- you can get them for anywhere from $7.00- $15.00!

2. Kettlebell- This is one of my favorite fitness investments. It is great at multitasking! You work up a sweat AND build some serious muscle. A lot of kettlebell’s come with a dvd to teach you how to use it, along with a workout.

3. Post headstand headhugger by lululemon- I am a big fan of headbands. My hair is pretty thin and straight and there is not much I can do with it, but headbands always seem to look great no matter the occasion. I love this one because it is great to workout in. It absorbs the sweat and doesn’t feel too heavy or hot.

$18.00 at

4. Giro Tessa Cycling gloves- After my first mountain biking experience, which I loved, I was really sore and that doesn’t exclude my hands. It hurt while I was riding and even though it isn’t as bad, I know gloves would definitely make the experience more comfortable. Although I haven’t tried these yet I have done my research and they are my choice. They seem to be the best product for the money, so we shall see!

$26.00 at

5. Foam roller- The foam roller has become a hot commodity lately, and for a good reason. This is one of the great multi- taskers of the fitness world. You can use this as an exercise tool, physical therapy, massaging the muscles and balance training.

$24.99 at

6. Resistance bands- Plain and simple these are a great way to get in shape and they are easy to travel with. Some bands come with instructional dvd’s and there are tons of websites out there with great information on exercises you can do with them.

$25.99 at

7. Yoga mat- I know it seems like such a simple gift, but it is an essential piece for anyone who takes yoga classes or just works out at home. They range anywhere from $10.00- $50.00+


Have you finished your holiday shopping?

Are there any fitness gifts that made your wish list?

Christmas decorations and a Victoria’s Secret worthy workout

Good morning,

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was filled with Christmas decorating and the SEC championship.. Roll Tide! Gotta love the south and our inappropriate dedication to college football, and I do love it.

I am also loving my Christmas decorations this year. We have everything done except our tree. We are getting a real one so we decided to wait a little longer so it would still be green on Christmas!

Just a few decorations


I will post more pictures when we get the tree up.

The sexiest day of the year is upon us again. The biggest fashion show on television. You guessed it.. The Victoria’s Secret fashion show! I know it’s a little cheesy but I kind of enjoy watching it. Some of those outfits are impressive!



In honor of such a sexy day I decided to create a scorcher of a workout using exercises that some of the Angels use to get them runway ready. I scoured the Internet to find the best workouts from some of the top trainers that work with Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima, Lindsay Ellingson and more. I took my favorite exercises from these workouts and created my own high intensity, bootilicious routine. Watch out Adriana, you might have some competition on your hands!

I have listed some exercises below that may be unfamiliar to you.



Speed skater: