A hint of holiday.

Happy Thursday, friends!

It’s official- I’m in full blown Christmas mode. My decorations are up and I have at least four cookie recipes my taste buds are nagging for me to try.

Here are some pictures of my fancy smanshy decorating skills..

xmas dec 4

xmas dec 3

xmas dec 2

xmas dec

xmas dec 5

xmas dec 6

xmas dec 8

xmas dec 7

Like how I even added a hint of holiday to the guest bathroom?

Do you decorate every room in your house?

Real tree or fake?


11 thoughts on “A hint of holiday.

  1. I -love- the DIY details in your decorations — SO pretty. I definitely try and decorate all the rooms of my home, but I can only have a fake tree since my building doesn’t allow real ones. Not all that bad, though — it makes for less mess and I can always cheat by using a pine scented candle 😉

  2. Your decorations looks great! The thought of decorating each room makes me tired, haha. And my vote is real tree so that you don’t have to put it up and take it down every year! Ok, I just read through this comment and realized that perhaps I shouldn’t read blogs while thinking about how much I DON’T want to get out of bed and go to work. It makes me sound way lazier than I am! 🙂

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