My Workouts

I know how overwhelming it can  be when you are new to fitness. How much should you workout? How long should you workout? what in the world is a rowing machine?!

On this page you will find workouts I do regularly to help with your journey.

(You can find links to all of the moves that are used in my workouts on the exercise dictionary page)


full body collage


NO- running cardio workout 

HIIT Workout for Beginners 

Balls to the Wall Workout

Brutal Boot Camp Workout 

Backyard Boot Camp 

Sweaty Vacation Workout

Sand- Friendly Vacation Workouts 

30 Minute Full Body Attack

Pyramid Per Move

Full Body Tabata

Functional Training Circuit 

Shape Up or Ship Out

Power Down Circuit 


upper body collage

Upper Body Weight Room Circuit

Strong and Sculpted upper body (gym workout)

Back to School Arms and Abs

Get Your Sexy Back AND Arms

Sculpted Arms for Summer 

Upper Body Attack 

Springtime Arms and Abs 

Upper Body Superset Workout 

Arms, Abs and Cardio Blast 

Beach Ready Arms and Abs

Upper Body Workout One 

Upper Body Workout Two 

Upper Body Circuit 

The Great 8 Upper Body Circuit 

Strong Mommy Upper Body Workout

Little Black Dress Arms and Abs Circuit 

Ab Sandwich Workout 


lower body collage

Peanut Butter Booty 

Sexy Costume Legs and Booty Circuit

Perfect Skinny Jeans Booty

Love Your Legs Circuit 

Sore for days Lower Body Circuit

Jump Up and Down for Sexy Leg and Abs

Lower Body Tabata Burpee Madness

Lower Body Pyramid

Pool Party Workout

Make You Sweat For Your Summer Booty

Bikini Ready Booty and Abs

Spring Fling 10-6 Workout

Lower Body Countdown

Shed the Holiday Lbs.

Victoria’s Secret Booty

Lower Body Workout 1

Lower Body Workout 2

Skinny Jean Workout

Happy Halloween Booty Circuit

The Crazy Eight Thinner Thighs Workout

Mustachified Booty Circuit 


ab collage

Burnin’ Core Circuit

Planking and Lunging for a Rock Hard Core

Abtastic Summer Circuit 


12 thoughts on “My Workouts

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  6. wow- this is really great i love it. I plan to try all of these. and i have reccomended them to family members as well. I am a 19 year old girl who is at least 30 pounds overweight. I am hoping to become my ideal weight with exercising everyday and eating right. I have already lost 10 pounds just by making a few adjustments to my diet. 🙂

    • Cynthia, that is so inspiring and I feel honored to be a part of your journey to a healthier, happier you! You made the decision to make healthy changes, so the hardest part is over! Congratulations and let me know of any workouts or posts you would like to see on the blog!

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