Shed the Holiday Lbs BIG Burn workout

Hello Friends,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We definitely did and I have a little bit of a food hangover today. I love the holiday grub, but am happy to get back to my normal routine and give my poor belly a break. We had Christmas at our house and it was so much fun but there is so much food leftover and I am not good at having lot’s of food around. I don’t even keep many groceries in my house because I tend to eat everything… My brother is staying with us so hopefully he will help eat most of it.

I am extremely lucky because my husband is great at gift giving and this year he really out did himself..

My first mountain bike. I love it and have beeen wanting one for awhile so it was the perfect gift. Now I just have to wait for the weather to get better so i can use it!

I created the workout below because it is a quick 30 minute routine that is easy to do anywhere you are, and you dont need a lot of time. If you dont have 30 minutes you can always do 1 or 2 rounds instead of 3. It targets your lower body, core and will get your heart rate up.



I have listed the workouts below that you may be unfamiliar with:

 sec anti- gravity plank hold

Turkish get- ups

turk get ups 1  turk get ups 2  turk get ups 3

Pistol squats

scissor squats

Reverse lung to front kicks

reverse lung leg kick

Squat with side leg raise

squat with leg raise

Plank Wipers

plank wipers


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