My Barre inspired workout

Good Morning,

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Our church has an event every year called The Living Christmas tree where they build a huge Christmas tree, fill IT with lights and the Choir of over 200 singers file in the Christmas Tree and perform several Christmas songs with a live orchestra in front of them, along with a Celtic band. They perform this for the community for three nights in a row for free. It is truly amazing and such a blessing to be able to experience.

living christmas tree

This picture just does not do it justice, but you get the idea.

We went Saturday and it was great to hear such beautiful music in a time of such sorrow. I believe it helps start the healing process.

Also, did you guys see The Voices tribute to the victims? It was beautiful. I love that song and their version was really pretty.

I have posted it below for all of you to enjoy.


Okay guys, let’s get physical, physical!

Have any of you tried Pure Barre yet, or any workout similar to it? I LOVE it! I’ve only done one class because it is pricey, but I have searched the internet for different versions out there to do at home.

All of these ballet inspired workouts involve small isometric movements to hit women’s trouble areas such as abs, thighs, arms and booty. It is supposed to make your muscles long and lean like a dancer. It is classified as low impact, but let me tell you, I work up a sweat every time I do one of these workouts and I am sore for literally days after.

Since I love Pure Barre so much I wanted to create a barre inspired workout of my own which include  my favorite moves from a variety of workouts I have found along the way that really make me feel the burn.

Below is my workout:

Barre Inspired workout

Do each exercise once, moving from each exercise with little to know break. Do as many sets as you are able to do.


Wide Plié squats: stand in wide plié stance. Do 30 seconds of deep plié squats where the knees should be directly over the toes. Next, do plié pulses for 30 seconds.


wide plie squat

Parallel plié squats: Full motion 30 sec. pulses 30 sec.

 parrallel squat


Arabesque leg lifts: do full motion arabesque leg lifts for 30 sec. Next, do arabesque leg lift pulses for 30 sec.

arabesque  arabesque 2


Carousel horse: do for 30 sec

carousel horse  carousel horse2

Dancers twist: 1 min

dancers twist

Standing Glute press: 30 second right leg. Next, 30 sec glute pulses. Switch sides

 standing glute press  standing glute press2

Plie jumps: 10 reps

plie jumps




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