Cardio for people who hate cardio.

I know how daunting ‘cardio day’ can be for many of us, especially when a treadmill or elliptical is in our future, but it doesn’t have to be miserable. There are so many different ways you can use these machines, in fact, you don’t even have to use one to get a cardiovascular workout in.

Here are a few options to keep things interesting:

Circuit Training- Circuit training involves doing exercises (strength, cardio or both) back to back with little recovery in between. This allows you to get a  cardio effect even if you are only doing strength exercises.

Here is an example of a circuit workout:

anti vs booty and abs workout

Trail running- One of my favorite ways to get in steady- state cardio. With the beautiful scenery around you, you will find it much easier to get through a 30- minute run, and might even end up running longer than you planned!

photo (74)

Group classes- There are so many to choose from- cycling, Body Pump, cardio kickboxing Zumba. Try them all out and find which one fits you best.

Interval training- Workouts in which you alternate from a period of high- intensity work to low- intensity work (or rest). This promotes excitement in your workout, and can get your out of a slump. Plus, you burn more calories in less time!

Here is an example from Julie over at PB Fingers:



Cross training on cardio machines- This is a fun way to keep things interesting. Basically you move from cardio machine to cardio machine of your choice.

Example: spend 10 minutes on the treadmill, then move to the elliptical. Choose two or more, do steady- state or intervals. There are many options to choose from!

I hope this has given you some ideas on ways you can implement cardio into your workout without dreading it days before.

How do you get your cardio in?


The importance of working your CORE and the BEST exercises to strengthen it!

Happy November Loves!

I hope everyone had a sweet Halloween! We had so much fun hanging out with Joseph for his first halloween and giving out candy.

My mom’s birthday was the 30th so we had dinner for her as well. There is one picture that my mom adore’s of Joseph with him wrapped in a houndstooth scarf, so I made her a frame to go with it.

Roll Tide 🙂

I wanted to talk today a little bit about core strength, how to get it and why it is so important. After having a baby I found that the most difficult part of my body to get back in shape has been my belly. I am sure this is no surprise to most people, considering how much it stretches! Everyone always thinks of your abs and crunches when talking about your core. It is important to understand ALL muscles of the core and how to work them in order to get that six pack of your dreams. Also remember that your diet is a big part of seeing the abdominal muscles as well.


Abdomenals-Rectus abdominisTransverse abdominisInternal obliquesExternal obliques


hips- This includes the gluteus medius and maximus


Posture- Core muscles support the spine, therefore strengthening them will greatly improve posture.

Back Pain- Strengthening the muscles that help support the spine and help with posture will reduce pain in the lower back area.

Power- The core muscles are the center of your bodies strength. Having a strong, conditioned core will give you more power in every activity you do on a day to day basis.

Balance- The core stabilizes your body in everyday activities, along with exercises. Keeping your core strong will help with stabilization. Having all of the muscles of the core working together builds coordination with the muscles and stabilizes the body.

Injury prevention- Having strong core muscles will allow for a more supported spine, therefore less risk of injury in physical activity.


PLANK, PLANK, PLANK!! Did I mention plank? I absolutely love this exercise because it works all parts of the core and there are so many variations to it. I try to add a plank to most of my workouts. A lot of times I will add a one minute plank at the end of each interval and it is amazing how much that steps the game up in my workout.

Here are a few variations: Try holding it for 20- 30 seconds at a time and each week add 5-10 seconds.


Forearm Plank-

Plank on exercise ball-

Side plank

High to low plank