Take anywhere, full body workout.

Happy Monday!

Did everyone take the weekend to prepare for the holidays? I insist on getting a real tree, so we wait until the second weekend in December to pick one out because I don’t want a dead fire hazard by Christmas day.

iron bowl

This weekend was pretty epic as far as college football and rivalries go. It was the craziest Iron bowl, maybe football game, I have ever seen.

blog 12.2 7

Joe had to hide because mommy was getting too rowdy.. πŸ˜‰

Until next year, Tigers..

All my tears had dried by Sunday and we had a nice afternoon shopping and eating.


Two straws are always better than one.

Joseph also met his bestie at Alabama Outdoors..

blog 12.2

You guys are in luck this week because I have some pretty awesome workouts in store. I’ve been brainstorming for my boot camp classes and I needed some quick workouts I could do with no equipment since I have been out of town, so I have had to get creative.

The one I am sharing today I did Thanksgiving morning. I wanted something longer than 20 minutes, but less than 45. It needed to be fairly intense, but nothing that had me down for the count all day. This one did the trick!

sexy Santa full body workout

*The first round you will do for 60 seconds, second round 45 seconds, and third round 30 seconds.

*Rest 10- 15 seconds after each exercise.

*Rest 30- 60 seconds after each circuit.

CIRCUIT ONE (lower body)

Squat jumps

Squat pulses

Jumping jacks


Plyo curtsy lunge

CIRCUIT TWO (upper body)

Pushups (on knee)

high knees

Tricep plank

Lower body jacks


CORE WORK- Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Do 2-3 rounds

Russian twists

Side plank kicks

Plank scissors

Side plank kicks

Have a great Monday, everyone. πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “Take anywhere, full body workout.

  1. Getting back into the fitness game, wahoooo! Not quite ready for jumping but one day I’ll get there. And yes to your comment today. Can we pleaaaase hangout so we can laugh at all the things crazy children do and then go for drunk runs. Oh man I’m gonna be the worst mother ever haha

  2. You’re seriously amazing for posting your workouts in video format! Unfortunately because of my back I can’t do this workout as is, but I’m pretty good at moderating workouts. Glad you had a nice weekend!…minus the sports game ha

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  4. Found your blog through your comment at The Workout Mama – definitely following along for now on. Just jotted this workout down (and pinned it) so I can take a stab at it tonight. Love that you included videos because words and even pictures aren’t always enough.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Jessica! I am glad you found me and you are enjoying the video’s. I know how you feel because when I first started looking for workouts online I hated having to look up crazy exercises and not even finding them most of the time!

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