Throw Back Thursday and Boot Camp Bliss.

Hello friends,

I hope you guys have had a great week so far. Just remember that we are in the homestretch!

Before I get into my post I have to show you guys a couple photo’s I shared on Instagram yesterday..

joe bo      joe bo 2

This kid is out of control..

In honor of Throw Back Thursday, I am going to share with ya’ll some throwbacks of yours truly.

My clique..

throw back

Isn’t my grandmother gorg?


throw back 4

Do you think Joseph looks like me when I was a baby??

My bro’s..

throw back 6

Glory days..

throw back 5

I’m the crazy one on the left. Don’t know what I am doing with my hands..

The glory days looked a little different in college..

throw back 7

Doing the chicken dance, on a chair, with orange hair.. Not my finest moment. Sorry mom.

I hope it isn’t too awkward after the chicken dance photo..

Anyways, on to today’s news.

I will be teaching a four week holiday boot camp at my gym, and I am super pumped!

I want your feedback: if you guys have attended a boot camp, what was your favorite part about your experience? Are there any exercises that you loved? Hated?

Help a sista out!

Have a great Thursday!


13 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday and Boot Camp Bliss.

  1. YES, Joseph looks just like you! And I won’t judge you for the orange hair, we’ve all had our moments (think, feathered bangs).

    That’s so exciting about the bootcamps! One of my favorite bootcamps was one that had stations and we spent about a minute at each, and came together in the center of the room for cardio after each 2nd station. I love classess that push me to my limits. Lots of burpees and cardio mixed in and timed strength exercises that don’t allow me to give up until I feel the burn. 😉 Good luck!!!

  2. So for bootcamps, I really love doing stations that keep everything changing. I also appreciate it when there are some weights involved! I really don’t dig it when I have to do high intensity moves for 20 minutes straight without a break, which one instructor did to me once. I can make it through with a break, but she was just crazy! I actually almost passed out from the stress of it. I love your throwback pictures! Joseph definitely looks like his mama.

  3. You’re the cutest, and YES Joseph looks exactly like you did as a baby! That is an adorable picture. Ugh my grandparents have a picture of me ON THE POTTY as a baby. It’s embarrassing, but I have a book in my hand and my legs are crossed so it is kind of cute.

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