Pop Up Parks and my yoga strengths and weaknesses.

Hey hey baby cakes!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were blessed with another gorgeous one. Saturday was a little dreary, but it had a fall feel to it that made it festive and cozy.

Have you guys heard of Pop Up Parks before? I’m not sure if this is a new thing, but our city held a competition on the square where businesses could create a park, but it could only be the size of a parking space. It was really interesting and fun. There was a coffee shop, a zen garden with a running water fountain, a beach and even a twister game set up. Basically they are trying to get people downtown to enjoy themselves!

Mom and I took Joseph on Saturday

pop up1


pop up3


pop up4


pop up5


pop up6


Kinda cool, huh?

We had some of Charlie’s family over for dinner on Sunday and it was such a great night.



Charlie’s cousin was visiting from New York and she had tons of stories that kept us laughing the whole time.

I’m a total jerk and didn’t get any pictures of anyone.. I told you guys I am the worst.


finding more


I bought this book Friday, and so far I love it. The author is so funny and endearing. She not only talks about her life experiences, but relates them to her yoga practice in a way that’s not generic or cheesy.

Like Michelle, my strong points are arm balances and inversions, flexibility and backbends are a total weakness, so of course I have been spending most of my yoga time doing backbends and stretching- I hate not being good at something and one of the main lessons I have gotten from my yoga practice is how humbling it can be. I doesn’t matter how blessed you are with natural talent, you aren’t going to be great at it when you first start out- it takes lot’s and lot’s of practice.

So I shall practice.

Have a great Monday, everyone!

Have you guys ever heard of Pop Up Parks?

Any good Yoga books you can recommend?

What are your yoga strengths and weaknesses?



















26 thoughts on “Pop Up Parks and my yoga strengths and weaknesses.

  1. I agree with you, yoga can definitely be a humbling experience! I’ve danced all my life, and although I’m not the most flexible person on the planet (I’ve always had to work at it) I figured yoga would be a breeze….not so much. Flexibility, especially in my hips and back are huuuge weaknesses for me. One thing I love about yoga though is that no one judges you if you, even if you are the most awkward person in the room. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve never seen a pop-up park like that! How fun!

  2. Those pop-up parks are adorable! I too find yoga to be a humbling experience. I love that it’s all about releasing your ego and just listening to your body. I’m not so good at that so yoga has been immensely helpful in reminding me I am not invincible but am also capable of so much more than I think!

  3. Don’t worry I pretty much always forget to take pictures haha. Those pop up parks are pretty cool looking–not sure if it’s new but I’ve never heard of them before. I’m glad you’re enjoying your yoga book! I always love finding a good book and one that you can learn from too? Bonus!

  4. I’ve never heard of pop-up parks, but what a cute idea!! I’m not really great at anything yoga-related, mostly cause I don’t practice it very often. I keep putting it on my list to do more of it. I have super tight hips, but I have pretty good balance overall. Someone needs to open a hot yoga studio I can actually afford!

  5. I’m always so impressed with your yoga poses. I am not a yogi at ALL (going to yoga is often a step out of my comfort zone and a big exercise in patience and rest), but I do find the poses beautiful and I love the idea of mindfulness behind it.

  6. What a fun idea- I have never heard of pop-up parks! I’ll have to check out that yoga book, but sadly, I don’t have any others to recommend. Have a great week, girl!

  7. I didn’t realize those little parks where called Pop-up parks. We have something like that in Philly but on a much smaller scale. They created little fenced off enclaves next to the sidewalk big enough for two park benches and some plants. They are really cute ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours with a Twister set-up is much more creative.

  8. This Pop-up Park idea is so awesome. Atlanta needs to hop on board, stat! Oh yoga…I miss it so much. I got certified to teach this year, taught for 4 months and then life took over and I had to take a break. I miss it every.single.day. But I’m just not ready to hop back in. Arm balances started to be a strength as soon as I started believing I was strong enough. Inversions have never been a strength, nor backbends. But then you start to learn more and dive deeper into your practice and suddenly you’re doing what you never thought you could. Thanks for helping me remember those times :).

  9. That is SUCH an interesting concept! Very cool and different…and fun for you and your little one ๐Ÿ™‚
    I don’t do yoga (ahhh – I feel like a bad person for saying that lol). I do do some yoga poses…but no formal yoga workouts. I probably should get on that!

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