My fall cool down/ yoga playlist.

Mornin’ all you beautiful peeps.

I hope everyone has had a great week. I have been taking this week to enjoy some down time because next week I am taking on a few more clients and will stay pretty busy until March- that’s when people start drifting to the lonely island of forgotten New Year’s Resolutions.. I’m sure my clients won’t do that, though! 🙂

I have a funky fresh playlist to share with you guys today.

Actually it’s not very fresh because I haven’t had much time to find good, new music, but it’s still a pretty funky playlist.

It’s slow and somewhat mellow because it’s what I like to listen to when I am cooling down or doing a Yoga practice on my own.


fall cool down. yoga playlist

I promise my next playlist will be filled to the brim with totally awesome new tunes. 🙂

Have a great day, sweets.

What do you guys like to listen to when you are cooling down or are in a mellow mood? 

Do you guys have any new music you think I should be listening to? Please help!


16 thoughts on “My fall cool down/ yoga playlist.

  1. when my firmware got updated on my phone, IT ERASED MY ENTIRE PLAYLIST and i was SO MAD!!!! but my fav tunes to listen to are the 80s (i know strange, right?) and anything by smashing pumpkins. that’s for lifting but for hard music to keep me going during my runs, electronica music all the way.

  2. I usually listen to rap and hip hop when I’m working out, so no good recommendations for “chill” music, haha. You should make a Pandora station based on a song you really like and hopefully you’ll get some ideas for new songs to get!

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