These boots are made for inversions, and a HIIT workout for beginners.

Hello All!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty laid back and we enjoyed hanging out at the house watching football.

I also had time to get my yoga on Sunday afternoon..

inversion 3

These boots were made for inversions.

This is how us gals down south get our Om on..

crow 2

We have been going all out on Sunday morning for breakfast and this weekend was no different. Charlie has been doing the majority of the cooking, so yesterday it was my turn. I was in the mood for something sweet and decided Becky’s Healthy Double Chocolate Chip Muffins would do the trick.

They did not disappoint, and were delicious. Joseph hasn’t been eating anything lately, but scarfed his down in record time.


It’s officially holiday season and time to break out our party dresses!

I have a great beginner HIIT workout for you guys today to help you feel confident and look sexy in anything you decide to wear for the three hundred parties you will be attending the next 2 months.

It includes 6 exercises that you will do for 45 sec with a 20 sec break before moving on to the next exercise. You can repeat 1-2 more times if you are feeling up to it, but don’t feel bad if you aren’t there yet because the more you do it, the better your stamina and endurance will become.

Remember this is supposed to be HIGH INTENSITY, so push your tush as hard as you can because this workout does not last long, but you should be wiped out by the end.

beginner hiit

*Do each exercise for 45 seconds

*Take a 20 sec break before moving on to the next exercise.

*Take a minute break after all exercises are completed and repeat 1- 2 times if possible.

Butt Kickers

Dumbbell Swings

Squat Jumps

Scissor Kicks

High Knees High Arms

Push- ups

Lower Body Jacks

*Side note: I know I look like an idiot in most of the exercise pictures because I am not smiling, but I don’t smile when I workout, so I would feel fake if I smiled in them! That is my concentration face.

Have a great Monday, lovelies!


27 thoughts on “These boots are made for inversions, and a HIIT workout for beginners.

  1. You are amazing standing up like that on your hands! And all these videos – super cute!!! ❤ These are all great moves to know and learn. When I first started working out like this I had no idea what most of these moves were… Now I'm loving them but am sore for days!
    You are so lucky you can hand stand like that!! gahhh!

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