Birthdays and Balls.

Happy Halloween!

I know today is a great day, but yesterday was extra special because it was my mom and bestie’s birthday.

Mamma collage..


Bestie collage..


Three amigo’s

She is seriously going to kill me for the bottom right pic, but it’s just too funny. Sorry Sammy!

And this is how we celebrate birthday’s in the Murphy household..


I have been getting pretty bored with my workouts lately, so I decided to create a fun circuit that would add some variety to my workouts and knock me out of the mundane routine I have been in.

I present to you..

balls circuit

I used all the balls I could find in the house.. Okay, not all of them, but I did use a stability ball and a medicine ball. This was fun and a killer.

*Do each exercise for 45 sec with a 15 sec break.

*Take a minute break after finishing all rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next

Circuit one

Walking lunges pass med ball under legs

Lower body jacks holding med ball

Med ball squats

High knees holding med ball

stabilityΒ ball pikes

Mountain climbers on medicine ball


Lying hamstring stretch (hold each side for 30- 30 sec)

Circuit 2

big circles + squat

butt kickers holding med ball

push-ups on stability ball

lower body jacks holding med ball

Russian twist with med ball

Jog in place holding med ball above head


lying butt stretch (hold each side for 20- 30 sec)

Circuit 3

Burpee with med ball

Butt kickers holding med ball

Back extension on stability ball

Mountain climbers on medicine ball

Ball pass

Jog in place with med ball above head


Quad stretch on all fours

*Some of the demonstrations do not have the ball in them, but just add it when you are doing the workout!

I know this is a vulgar name for a workout, but it seemed the most appropriate.

Have a great day!


20 thoughts on “Birthdays and Balls.

  1. Not a vulgar name, a totally appropriate name for the workout! Do it up girl! that looks like an awesome one and your pictures are rocking! Happy bday to your mama and bestie! ❀

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