My top five favorite workouts I have seen floating around the web.

Mornin’ friends!

Has your week started off right so far? Mine has been great, and I want to keep it going!

I have seen some pretty awesome workouts around the web lately and wanted to share with you some of my favorites.

top five

1. World Series Workout for Legs– This fun little workout was on Blonde Ponytail last week. It was a guest post from Alyssa. It’s a great way to spice up your routine and bust any boredom you might be feeling lately.

catchers squat

2. Body weight Ab Workout from Pumps & Iron. Nicole has amazing workouts and she cracks me up..

ab workout

3. Tina’s Top Ten from Best Body Fitness. We all know Tina is the bomb, and for a good reason! Not only is she extremely generous with sharing fun and intense workouts, but she always keeps it real and has a great heart. She share’s with us her top ten favorite workouts from Best Body Fitness.


4. 30 Variations of Lunges from Lifting Revolution. This has probably been my favorite fitness post I have read in a long time. Lunges are one of the best exercises for working your lower body and there are so many variations, so you have no excuse not to put them in every single workout you do!

lunges (1)

5. The Desk Chair Workout from Freeing Imperfections. I love Melissa! She is a sweetheart and stays true to her beliefs and faith.  She shared this workout not too long ago and I thought it was brilliant! We need more workouts that can be incorporated into a desk job. Maybe it would motivate us to get off our booty when we are at work and get moving.

desk chair workout

I hope you guys enjoy these workouts, and make sure to head over to these lovely ladies websites because there is so much more where this came from!

What are some of the best workouts you have seen floating around the web lately?


21 thoughts on “My top five favorite workouts I have seen floating around the web.

  1. i don’t really look at workouts on the web; most of my workouts are from beachbody programs that i rotate. i did get a few from Oxygen magazine that i incorporated into my routine that uses a 25lbs plate. but i do love me some plank exercises!

  2. We must like similar workouts (and maybe read some of the same blogs!) because I have all of those pinned except the last one which I’m headed to check out.

  3. These workouts are indeed awesome! Looking at workouts like this I get so excited and inspired because I love doing new things to break up the running I do! And also, I always think things like this will be so much easier than they actually are… LOL!

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