Lower body circuit for the gym

Mornin’ friends!

I hope you all had a marvelous week and have festive fall plans for the weekend! I am running in a fun 5k this weekend that benefits breast cancer awareness, diagnosis, and research. I am excited because A.) I haven’t ran in a race in a very long time and B.) It is a great cause.  It is getting cooler here and that makes me happy because this it the perfect running weather.

I have a workout for you guys today! I created this lower body circuit a couple weeks ago to do at the gym and have been LOVING it. Even though the days of a sexy costume are pretty much over for me, I hope some of you will be able to show a little leg no matter how cold it is!


Below are links to the exercises:

(stiff leg) dumbbell deadlift

Kettlebell swing

Smith machine plie squat

Plie squat pulses ( The video just shows the lady doing pulses- just hold a kettlebell near your chest while doing them.)

HIgh knees

Smith machine squat 

Squat jumps

Bulgarian split squats

Have a great weekend!


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