Rest: It’s NOT just for the birds

Has everyone officially done there happy dance in honor of Friday? I know I have!

Being a personal trainer I see so many injuries due to training. Want to know what most of them have in common? Exhaustion, Over-training and not listening to you bodies when it tells you to back off.

I will be the first to tell you I am definitely guilty of ALL these things. Some people have a hard time motivating their selves to go to the gym, but those of us with a love for fitness have a hard time allowing our bodies a rest.

My girl Davida from The Healthy Maven reached out to me when she was struggling with a recurring leg injury and I was more than happy to answer all her questions about why in the heck it keeps coming back and how she can help with the healing process.

I was so excited to get to hang out over at The Healthy MavenΒ and write a guest post on the importance of scheduling rest into your routine to avoid injury and hitting a plateau .

Go check it out and pick up some AWESOME recipes while you are there because the girl is a pro in the kitchen and always has beautiful pictures!

Have a great weekend!


13 thoughts on “Rest: It’s NOT just for the birds

  1. Why is it so hard for us fitness junkies to relax? When I busted my shoulder, it was the hardest thing in the world to realize this is a journey and not a destination. I wanted to get back on it too quickly and yes, I reinjured myself. I love the tips you give and yes, sometimes rest is more important than working out. I found that out the hard way.

  2. You NAILED it. Thank you so so much. It is so hard to take rest days while also trying to gain weight and STILL keep myself together mentally–((i.e. accept that my body is changing shape/size and that is what I need to happen to get healthier and eventually STRONGER!)) I love being reasured by wonderful bloggers like yourself that rest days are ESSENTIAL to the training progress!! I am rambling… don’t know if this makes sense haha… but basically I love you for writing this! I needed to hear it BIG! πŸ™‚ have a great weekend!

    • I am so glad you enjoyed it! Sometimes we get stuck in our own heads that it takes someone else telling us why we should be doing something to snap out of it! It’s crazy how a break helps you mentally too, but it totally does! I hope you had a great weekend girl and keep up the hard work! You are doing great!

  3. Loved your guest post at Davida’s! You could have been talking about me when it came to injuries. My most recent injury was due to overtraining and increasing my running distance and mileage a bit too quickly. I got excited after being able to do a really long run and feeling good that it made me just push my body a bit too hard and I paid for it πŸ™‚

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