Legs and booty circuit

Hi guys!

I wanted to thank ya’ll for the kind words and support you offered in regards to Tuesday’s post. There is so much good in this world and you all have shown me that time and time again on the blog.

So last night Charlie and I were playing catch phrase, a game where you have a word and try to get your teammate to guess what it is. He said Miley Cyrus and so naturally I throw things out like twerk, tongue and foam finger rape, but guess what the word was? Role model. Seriously. He doesn’t watch a lot of TV, so I just don’t think he knew.. Bless him.

I wanted to share a great legs and booty workout I did yesterday. I seriously loved it! I really took my time and allowed myself to take breaks where I needed to focus on all of the exercises. There are a couple of new ones that I added to the mix and they did not disappoint.

perfect skinny jeans booty

Below are links to the exercises that may be unfamiliar:

Single leg dumbbell deadlift 

Pretzel side kick 

Squat jumps 

Side plank

Single leg wall lunges 

Plie squat with kettlebell (or dumbbells)

kettlebell pulses (plie squat pulses)


Standing band hip extension 

Jumping lunges

kettlebell swing

scissor kicks

You can always use a dumbbell if you do not have a kettlebell.

Who is your role model? I won’t judge you if you say Miley Cyrus, I promise.


5 thoughts on “Legs and booty circuit

  1. I love the title of this workout! haha (as I sit here wearing skinny jeans…) ugh Miley is bugging me so much! Where is the adorable girl?! Role model is a tough one. I feel like I have many but I have to say I have a bit of a girl crush on Hayden Panattiere

    • I live in skinny jeans in the fall/ winter! When I was pregnant I had a pair of jeggings I seriously wore everyday! I wish I wouldn’t have stretched them out bc I would still be rockin’ em. 🙂 Miley is having a moment. She will come to her senses eventually! I have always loved Hayden, she is gorgeous!

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