Two killer boot camp workouts you can do in your backyard

I am glad you guys enjoyed the vacation workouts, and I hear ya on including links to the exercises! I am going to try my best to do it with all workouts from now on. It doesn’t take much more time and it really is helpful.

I can’t tell you guys how excited I am to share these boot camp workouts with you. They were so much fun to create and perform, and they left me feeling sore all week. It was a perfect way to whip my booty back into shape after a vacation!

They are full body workouts that took me around 50 minutes to complete.

brutal boot camp workout

Basically, do each circuit as many times through for 5 minutes, then run/ jump rope for a minute. Quickly move to the next circuit. Do this 2x’s through.

Back yard boot camp

Feel free to take a quick break after the minute of sprinting/ jumping jacks. I had to a few times.

Exercises that may be unfamiliar:

squat jumps

mtn climbers

med ball burpees

  wall sit with ab twists

walking lunges with weights

kettlebell swing

squat pulses

scissor kicks 

180 degree squat jumps

plank jacks

side plank foot touches

lunge jumps

bicycle crunches

step ups with dumbbell curl  

lat raise front/ side 

shuffle kicks (jumps) 


side plank with dumbbell twist  (same motion, just hold light dumbbell)

kettlebell row

tricep extension

russian twists

Have a great day!


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