Two vacation- friendly workouts

Good Morning, Friends!

So, the iPhone update is cool and all, but it is screwing with all my apps and it’s ticking me off. My Instagram app is so jacked up that I can’t see the filter names at the bottom to know which one I am using. Have any of you guys had this problem?

Also, my Spotify keeps asking me if I want to connect with Facebook and won’t let me cancel. I have to turn off my phone to get it to go away. Look, there are some things I listen to that I don’t want all of Facebook knowing about- Can’t a girl listen to Spice World without judgement?

So, as promised, I am going to share with you guys the workouts I did on vacation- tomorrow I will have the TWO boot camp workouts I did when I got back to whip my butt into shape after indulging for four days.

These workouts took me about 30 minutes to complete and you can do them anywhere. I did them on the grass near our condo AND on the beach.

vacation workouts

Okay, the first one I did outside of our condo and there was a picnic table, so I utilize that, but if you don’t have one you could always use something else, or just sub a body weight exercise- get creative!

sweaty vacay workout

I took the next workout to the beach:

sand workout

Below are links to the exercises that may be unfamiliar:

Plank with arm reach 

180 degree squat jumps

Chair dips

squat jumps 

Scissor kicks

Shuffle jumps 

squat pulse

Lunge jumps 

Side plank food touch

Butt kickers 

Curtsy lunge with knee tuck


Have a great day!


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