Super Fly Workout Playlist

Happy Monday, party animals.

I hope you all had a fab weekend and an amazing start to fall. Did anyone balance any eggs? The transition into different seasons, especially fall, has an enchantment about it that makes me giddy and filled with excitement.

We had a fun weekend that included watching the Auburn game and eating delicious gumbo at our friends house, and a day date on Sunday.

The weather here in the deep south was beautiful and couldn’t have been more perfect for the first day of fall.

We were going to go see a movie, but there weren’t many to choose from, and it was so gorgeous we couldn’t sit inside all day.

day date

I have a sweet workout playlist to share with you guys. After I dubbed it my Super Fly Workout Playlist I couldn’t help but reminiscence of the first time I saw the movie Super Fly. I was at Bonnaroo and Super Fly was the only movie they played in the Cinema; it’s a terrible movie made in the 70’s about a drug dealer, but the cinema was one of the only air conditioned places there, so guess what? I watched Super Fly at least 3 times that weekend.

Anyways, here is your Super Fly playlist!

super fly PLAYLIST

Have a great Monday!


10 thoughts on “Super Fly Workout Playlist

  1. Aw, a fellow Auburn fan?? I recently became one because of my man… So War Eagle! But anyway, the game was sad. 😦 Next time….
    Fall is the best! And that play list is awesome!

    • weeell… the hubs is an Auburn fan, I prefer the view from the top and am an Alabama fan, but I still cheer Auburn on when they aren’t playing us (that’s what you call a good wife). 🙂 Fall is the best! Too bad we only get like a month of it in the south!

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