Battle of the Sexes: gender specific workouts

Gender specific workouts: no

Gender specific results: yes

JAMIE-EASON- saved by the bell

(oh yes I did)

Let me explain.

We are bombarded with fitness magazines and websites that offer workouts specifically for women. They will ‘tone you muscles’ and ‘help you create a lean physique’.

So are we supposed to stick to these workouts?

Should we leave the weight room to the men and stick to our cardio machines and 3 lb weights?

Absolutely not.

In all honesty, we could learn from each other.

In order to get a lean, toned body AND a strong, ripped physique, we must lift weights and get cardio in our regimen.

Lifting heavy-

Women should be lifting and should be PROGRESSING with how much weight they are using. If you have done the same workouts with the same 3 lb weights for 2 years than it is no surprise you are not seeing the results you want.

small weights

You shouldn’t be smiling this much when you are strength training..

I am not saying you have to lift the same as your protein chugging, overly loud grunting counterpart; in fact, you probably couldn’t if you tried. Men have more that 100 times the testosterone women do; this allows them to lift much heavier weights and bulk up. We simply can’t.

So ladies, what is going to get you a perky butt and help you lose the back fat? Yep, muscle. Use a weight that allows you to do 10- 12 reps and by that last rep you CAN’T do another. When it gets easier, go ahead and up the weight. This will allow you to target the muscle fibers and create the beautiful, toned shape you want.

Men tend to skimp on cardio because they don’t want to lose the muscle they have gained,

men cardio

But if they don’t lose the fat than they won’t get the ‘ripped’ look they are wanting.

saved by the bell

(I can’t stop..)

Instead of looking for exercises that are intended for JUST women, look for compound exercises that will work more than one muscle. This will burn far more calories and TONE your muscles.

I hope this will give you guys more confidence to enter the free weights area and show the boys how it’s done. 🙂

Have a great day!

Are you afraid of getting too bulky? 

Do you think Zack Morris and AC Slater are sexy? 


17 thoughts on “Battle of the Sexes: gender specific workouts

  1. I read a great article a few weeks ago that basically told women that unless they fell into a bucket of anabolic steroids there is no chance they will get manly buff. I sent it to all my friends who think I’m crazy for lifting….I hope they ate their words 😉

    Love the Saved by the Bell picture…I could still watch reruns of that show for hours!!!

    • I have friends who I know still don’t believe me even though I am a certified trainer and literally research this stuff all the time! lol oh well, what can you do! Saved by the Bell is the best. I used to watch it every morning before school in high school!

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more! My husband and I do the exact same weight lifting based workouts just I do about half the weight he does. Do I look like a man? Absolutely not! Plus I love going up in weight and becoming stronger 🙂 Great post!

  3. Haha love your pics of Zack Morris and AC Slater.. amazing! Miss that show. I’m not afraid to get bulky! So far I haven’t had any signs of ‘bulkiness’ and I lift weights about three times a week. I love the feeling of moving on to heavier weights! It’s a huge accomplishment!

  4. Haha, but duh, I always smile that big when I’m strength training! Isn’t that normal? Ha, hardly! Interesting points here girly, and I def try and incorporate all kinds of working out into my routine so I can make my body the best it can be. I am DEF afraid of getting too bulky, which is why I keep up with cardio a bit more than I do strength. My butt is already big enough – I don’t need more there. 🙂

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