See- through pants and a baby lifting

I know we are all guilty of weight room no-no’s, but some of them may be keeping you from the results you are looking for, or you may even be disrupting fellow gym goers. Either way, let’s cut them out ASAP.

Here are some tips that will put you on the fast- track to successville, or maybe just prevent you from getting punched in the kidneys..

Skipping the post workout stretch- I am the first to say I am extremely guilty of this. When I am finished with my workout I just want to go home and relax, or eat. We need to take the time after our workout to stretch because it lengthens out the muscles that were contracted while working out- this is extremely beneficial to recovery. It also decreases the buildup of lactic acid, which will prevent feeling uncomfortably sore the next few days.

The older we get the more our body needs the extra stretching because we tend to get stiff and lose flexibility.

grandma lifting
Try to exercise more than you look in the mirror-  I literally saw a guy flex both biceps and check his guns out like he was in a bodybuilding mag- I think he might have actually kissed one. And he kept doing it! Who do these guys think they are impressing?


Don’t play music if you are without headphones- Seriously, No one wants to hear an eight year old Eminem song or electronica- unless you brought glow sticks for everyone..

Re-rack your weights– I have worked hard for the strength I have gained over the past few years. Although I am stronger than I look, I’m still a girl and I am not on steroids. Having said that, please don’t leave weights for me to put away that are twice my size.

baby lifting

Texting does not burn calories (even if you are sitting on a weight machine)– I swear some people are playing angry birds while they are working out. If you can play a game, keep up a texting convo, or online shop you most likely aren’t going to see the results you want.

Make sure your goods are not on display– Do yourself (and everyone at the gym) a favor and do a quick booty check before you leave the house! If people can buy $80.00 yoga pants and still moon the entire free weight section, you better believe I am checking my $20.00 T.J Maxx pants before I leave the house.

lost count

Aside from learning that I can be totally ridiculous sometimes, I hope you did get something out of our little discussion. Some of these are serious faux pas that, if avoided, could take your workout to the next level, or at least prevent you from a wardrobe malfunction. Although I don’t think anyone would notice- they are all too busy kissing their biceps and complaining about how small their calf muscles are.. while listening to the 8 mile soundtrack. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “See- through pants and a baby lifting

  1. hahaha this was awesomely funny! as an la fitness member, i see several of these things, unwillingly, and it’s no good! one of my personal favorites is when people don’t clean their nasty sweat off of mats. please don’t let me workout on a puddle of your sweat, kthanks.

  2. My pet-peeve is when people listen to music with headphones in but blast it so there’s basically no point in wearing headphones…I don’t care to listen to your Marilyn Manson/Britney Spears mash-up thankyouverymuch. Or when people make comments on your workout. I once had a guy tell me my form was great when I was doing barbell hip thrusters. I was so peeved I actually left!!!

    I am terrible about stretching but have been trying to make more of an effort or at least do yoga more frequently!

    • oh, that is bad- can’t believe he said that! I guess some exercises are just too sexual for the gym! haha I think this list could go on and on.. Yoga is the only way I get a good stretch sesh in. I need to find a yoga partner to motivate me to do it!

  3. hahaha this was great! especially the last one- what it is with some girls thinking its ok to wear pants that are essentially not even pants?? a quick check in the mirror is all it takes to avoid this! like the other day a girl’s pants were so see-through it was completely obvious what color/pattern her underwear were. i dont want to know what color/pattern of underwear anyone has on! gah!

  4. Hilarious! I’ve experienced all of these at 24 Hour, but the booty shorts are worse than see-through pants for me! I can’t say how many times I’ve seen girls stretching in the booty shorts and expose more than anyone wants to see! If I can see the carpet doesn’t match the drapes, the shorts are waaay too short! Ick!

  5. So uhm, I always skip the post workout stretch. Oops!:)
    LOL to the pants… I swear 99% of those expensive black capris you can see through and I do not want to see someone’s crack for a hour in a class.

    • I know, I am pretty good about foam rolling because it feels like a massage to me, but stretching is hard because it’s so boring! Crack in the face is definitely not what I look forward to when going to a class, but it seems to happen every time!

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