30 minute full body attack and a beautiful post from a fellow blogger.

Hi friends,

It’s almost the weekend! My friend and I were talking yesterday about how annoying Wednesdays are because of that stupid hump day commercial! That ship has sailed, friends- No more Huuuump daaay jokes!

I have really enjoyed working at the gym so far, but I have missed hanging out with my buddy all day.

joe collage

He loves his little red car and we cruise around the whole neighborhood in it. One of our neighbors who works in her garden every morning says she always hears us coming!

Before I get into my weekly workout I wanted to share a post from Maskcara. Cara is such a superstar when it comes to make- up (she is a make-up artist) and all things pretty. She truly appreciates the beauty in life and has a way to find the unique quality in everyone that makes them beautiful. She also has such a kind soul and you can honestly feel it through her writing. She touched on a sensitive subject yesterday in her blog and it hit close to home for me. If you have ever dealt with a loved who has been haunted with some sort of addiction I definitely recommend reading it.


Okay, workout time! This one was a little different than what I usually do, but it was quick and efficient- it is also a great workout to track your progress.

The directions are simple: Do as many sets of the workout as you can in 30 minutes. Write it down every time you do the workout and see how you have progressed.

Let’s do this.

30 min full body attack


Links to the exercises:

Medicine ball burpees

Squats with kettlebell (or dumbbell)

Mountain Climbers

pushups on exercise ball 

Squat jumps

knee hugs

Have a great day, loves.


16 thoughts on “30 minute full body attack and a beautiful post from a fellow blogger.

  1. This looks like a killer workout! I am finallyyyy joining a gym in the fall (I’ve been taking advantage of the outdoors this summer) so definitely pinning this!

  2. I saw that post from Cara and it brought me to tears. My father was an addict and it made me think of my mom. It must of have been so hard for her to write that but she did it beautifully!
    I really like your blog Heather; you have an adorable family! 🙂

  3. Anything with the word “attack” in it is just calling my name to check out! Man that does look like an attack! I’ll have to try this sometime. Looks awesome!

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