Train to prevent a plateau and boredom

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a  great weekend. Ours was great, but not too exciting and I didn’t take any pictures, so didn’t bother posting anything yesterday.

Today I wanted to explain to you something called periodization. It is a training technique that some people use to prevent plateauing or getting bored. Some athletes use this technique when training for a certain event.

spring break


  • To sum it up, periodization is breaking your training up into ‘blocks’ with each block having a different goal, thus training your body differently.
  • Each block of training that focuses on a specific goal is called a mesocycle- they can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
  • A macrocycle involves many mesocycles needed to complete the main goal (competition or race)
  • Having different goals and training objectives during each mesocycle allows your body to constantly make changes and not hit plateaus.

Back View of Man Running on Stairs

Different phases (blocks) of periodization

–          Anatomical adaptation phase– Usually the first mesocycle in a training program. In this phase you will focus on strengthening connective tissue, correcting any imbalances and preparing your body for more intense strength training.

–          Hypertrophy– In this phase you will focus on muscle growth and developing your muscles. This phase generally lasts 4-6 weeks. The loads will be medium to heavy and reps should be in the 8-12 range or 2-3 sets.

–          Strength– This phase will usually be 4- 5 weeks long. This involves high levels of intensityc(85-100% of 1RM) with lower levels of work volume. Your reps will be In the 1-4 range of 4-5 sets. Breaks will be 3-6 minutes long.

–          Power (conversion)- This phase will  be 3-4 weeks long. In this phase you will work on the speed of the force production. You will not use heavy weights here (50-80% of 1RM). You will have a 5-10 rep range and do 3-5 sets. The exercises are performed quickly with maximal effort exerted.

–          Transition phase- Lasts 2-4 weeks and is an active recovery phase. Training in this phase should be relaxed and the load should be around 50% of 1RM. You should perform only 1-2 sets of 10-15 reps. You want to focus on

  • This is just a general guideline of how periodization works. It can be different depending on what you are training for.


  • Avoid a plateau.
  • You have a set plan that is laid out on paper you can follow.
  • Maximize muscle gains
  • Prevent boredom
  • Avoid overtraining
  • Have a specific goal to your training

I hope you have a better understanding on this type of training technique. Let me know if there is anything you would like to explained on the blog!

Have a great day!


13 thoughts on “Train to prevent a plateau and boredom

  1. This is great! Sometimes I get too caught up on the number of reps and sets and not on the weight. This often leads to a feeling of plateau because I can’t perform the same number of reps/sets with a heavier weight so I just give it up and go back down to the weight I know I can lift. I think this plan will be super helpful to help me see the gains I am looking for (specifically upper body). This is really really interesting!!! Thank you!

  2. This is great! I totally have to change what I’m doing ALL the time to stay on top of things… It’s a never ending challenge and I love it! LOL to that image!

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