Knots, scars and exciting news

Hi guys,


Last week I bought  a foam roller because I felt like the lady above, even though I was stretching! I could literally feel how tight my muscles were. I decided I needed some reinforcement.

The first time I used it was extremely painful and this was in my thought bubble…

foam roller 2

But after.. I felt like this..


I want to talk a little more about it, but first I have some exciting news:

I am officially employed at a local gym and will start work this week! I am excited for this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all.

Wish me luck!

Now, back to the business.

I have noticed circuit training and constantly changing up my routine has led to some serious muscle soreness for DAYS following my workout. After doing some research I concluded that foam rolling would help ease the pain, along with providing other benefits.

I will quickly and briefly explain what I found out.

To understand it’s benefits we first must know a little background information on the muscles and its surroundings.

FASCIA– This is the connective tissue that covers the muscles of the body, like a cocoon if you will. If the muscle is injured, so is the fascia.

Why is this important? Most of us know that when we condition our muscles it causes small tears in them. This is perfectly normal- it’s how the muscles build strength.  The downfall of this is it causes the muscles and fascia to contract (get shorter) and become tight. All of this results in scar tissue. So, the tighter your muscles get and the more scar tissue you accumulate results in ‘knots’ aka myofacial buildup.

What’s a girl to do with knotty muscles and ugly scars?

Foam roll that bad boy!

  •  Foam rolling is a form of Myofascial release- it breaks down scar tissue that is created from not only exercise, but the daily stressors of life.
  • Along with breaking up the scar tissue, foam rolling lengthens the muscles and fascia back to a normal state so they can work properly without causing injury.

The main benefits from foam rolling:

  1. Prevent injury
  2. Allows muscles to maintain normal functional length (improves flexibility)
  3. Relieve pain
  4. Improves range of motion

Sarah, from Sarah Fit, has a great video on YouTube on how to foam roll. Click here to check it out.


Have a great Tuesday!


29 thoughts on “Knots, scars and exciting news

  1. Good work on the job! Where did you find that picture with Leo & Harry Potter (always forget his real name) and the pets – it made me smile but I was like Hmm I wonder if it is photoshopped as far as I know I don’t know when those two actors worked together…. yes very deep thoughts this morning!

  2. My hamstrings are in knots right now! I sit and stare at the foam roller, and I know I need to do it– I just also know it is going to hurt like a B*tch!! I am trying to bring myself to do it this evening… because I know it will help so much!
    So excited about the new job! Seriously, congrats! It is such a great feeling to be asked to work somewhere doing what you love!

  3. super huge congrats on the job! can’t wait to hear more. my hammies sure do get tight from leg-heavy workouts, but usually i don’t get too much soreness. if i do, it definitely doesn’t linger. i’m weird and like being sore haha so i have never foam rolled!

  4. Congrats on your new job! That must be so exciting.
    I think you convinced me to start foam rolling, I’ve been off and on for a few weeks and looking on Amazon but wasn’t sure which one to get. Which one did you buy?

  5. My foam roller is seriously my saving grace! I’ve been nursing some hamstring issues lately and it’s really the only thing that works!

    Congratulations on the job! I’m excited and nervous to go for my certification, but this gives me a little extra motivation to do it! 🙂

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