Date night, festivals and my favorite bedtime drink

Good Morning,

I hope everyone’s weekend was spent having fun with friends and family! We had a great one that included an Indian festival and date night.

Saturday Joseph and I picked Charlie’s mom up and met him at a local high school that was hosting an Indian festival. It was great! I feel that it is never too early to expose your child to culture. He had a blast watching the dances and the elaborate costumes.


There was a fantastic fashion show that gave us a glimpse of the festivals of India. They wore authentic costumes and we were educated on the rituals that went on during the festivals.


The kids were so cute all dressed up!


We ran into our friend who is from India, so he was able to explain everything to us and give us the background story. His mom was dancing in the fashion show as well!

Of course I couldn’t go to an Indian festy without getting tatted up..


Henna, baby..

After the festival Joseph went to his grandparents and Charlie and I enjoyed a much needed date night!

Date nights are way more exciting when you have kids. You actually get to to dress up and feel like a normal human being!


My new fav shirt. I found it at Francesca’s- I know I couldn’t believe it!

We ate at one of our favorite restaurants downtown and met up with some friends after.

Sunday we had dinner with my moms where we indulged in some excellent burgers, cucumber salad, squash casserole and the best brownies of all time. Sorry no pics- I scarfed it down way too quickly. We stayed and talked for a bit then went home and I made some of my ‘stoner tea’ and relaxed.

Don’t worry it’s not what you think- I picked up some ‘ bedtime’ tea at Fresh Market last week and Charlie dubbed it my stoner tea. ha.

yogi (2)\

The ingredients include chamomile flower, spearmint leaf, licorice root, lavender flower, Valerian root along with a few more natural ingredients.

So far I have really liked it. The aroma and taste are relaxing. It has a hint of a spicy taste, but sweet as well. Definitely no need to add sugar or sugar substitute. Click here for more reviews.

Have a happy Monday!


16 thoughts on “Date night, festivals and my favorite bedtime drink

    • They are- valerian root is the first ingredient listed and it is supposed to help with anxiety and I have really noticed a difference! Even if I do not go straight to bed I find myself feeling more relaxed and not worrying about what all I have to get done or should have already finished!

  1. Yes! Yogi bedtime tea is my favorite! It really does relax me and put me into sleepy mode!
    Love your shirt 🙂 glad you guys got a date night in!
    Have a great Monday!

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