Chocolate, tears, veggies and full body workouts

Hi friends,

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Even though it has rained two weeks straight and continues to rain, we have made the most of it.

We caught up on some reading..

book worm

book worm

And ate some delicious chocolate that grandma Brought back from Ecuador..

choc collage

going, going, gone!

And I recieved my official certificate for my ACSM Personal Training certification!

photo (55)

Charlie also whipped up some pretty great veggie dinners. Saturday was quit exceptional and EASY!

It was veggie spaghetti- no meat or spaghetti sauce was used.

photo (56)

I will share the recipe with you guys. You can also find it on my Belly Happiness page!

photo (57)

Remember, add veggie mix after putting the noodles on yo plate!

photo (58)

Cast iron skillets are the way to go!

veggie spaghetti

However, last night Charlie was not home for dinner so mommy had to whip something up..

photo (59)

I know, I am NOT a chef..

Baked chicken and quinoa .. Hey, its nothin’ fancy but it got the job done!

Okay loves, I gotta quick FULL BODY tabata for you to sweat out your holiday indulgences! This isn’t the most intense workout I have created, but if you add it on to a 20- 30 minute run you will feel like you got a great workout in, I promise! Oh, and as Caitlin suggested, you will never get bored with this workout, BUT it is reserved for ones who are familiar with the exercises, otherwise it could get crazy..

This workout can also be found on my workouts page. Examples of each exercise can be found on the exercise dictionary page.

full body tabata


speed skaters 

lunge jumps 

butt kickers

squat jumps

mountain climbers

high knees high arms

plank jacks

reverse lunge with knee tuck 

squat with side leg raise

sumo squat with row 

squat dumbbell twists 

front kicks 


tricep dips 


dumbbell curls 

bridge with skull crushers 

plank shoulder touches

dumbbell swings 

Russian twists

side to side plank dips

side lunge with dumbbell twist 

side plank

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Chocolate, tears, veggies and full body workouts

  1. man oh man just reading that workout makes me tired, haha! i love the variety of moves. one could never get bored with it.
    congrats on getting that cert in the mail. must feel great!

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