Break through a plateau with supersets

Hey guys!
Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a type of training called SUPERSET training. This type of training is great for breaking through plateaus and boosting your metabolism, along with increasing your heart- rate.
A superset workout is when you do two different exercises back to back with no rest. It is a very simple concept, but there are many variations that can be done, thus making it an incredible way to get serious results.
The first superset option is working the same body part with the two exercises. For example you would do pushups for your chest followed by dumbbell flyes for the chest. This allows the muscles to work extra hard because there is no break between each exercise.

Another option is doing antagonist supersets. This means the two exercises will be for opposing muscles. An example is doing a bicep exercise followed by a tricep exercise. Doing this allows the opposing muscle to rest. It also allows you to get a quicker workout with the same, if not better results.
Pre- exhaust supersets involve one isolation movement and one compound movement for the same muscle group. By Doing the compound movement directly after the isolation movement, will pre- exhaust the target muscles making them work extra hard. This results in faster muscle development.
Post- exhaust is the opposite. Do the compound exercise before the isolation exercise.
There are more variations of supersets, but these are some of the most common ones.
The benefits of supersets are bounty, and as I said above, it is a great way to break through a plateau. You will save time doing this type of workout without skimping on results. Doing different exercises for the same body part will exhaust the muscles without having to use extremely heavy weights. You can add intensity to what some people think of as a low intensity workout. And of course, it adds variety and spices things up a bit.
Below is an exercise of an upper body superset workout working the same body part.

upper body superset workout


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