My health mistakes and a killer cardio, arms and abs workout

Hey guys,

I have been away for a couple of weeks. It was extremely busy over the holidays and things are just now getting back to normal. I love the holidays, but it is nice to get back to my regular routine.

As we enter a new year, I have been thinking about some small tweaks I can make that will positively effect my health. Although I would be considered a healthy, fit American, there are some health mistakes I am guilty of. By making a conscious effort to avoid these mistakes, there will be a big impact on my health and quality of life. I encourage you guys to do the same.
Here are my top three mistakes that I am guilty of making:
1. Not enough H2O- I hate the fact that it is so hard for me to keep up the habit of drinking enough water. It is something I have been working on for years. I always start out great, but it doesn’t last. I am disciplined with so many other aspects of my health, so it is frustrating that I have such a big problem with this, especially since it is one of the single most important things you can do for your body to stay healthy.
2. Not enough sleep– I am sleep deprived for obvious reasons- I know it is important to get back on a normal sleep schedule, but I need to realize that a normal schedule now will not be what I considered normal pre- baby.
3. Skipping meals– I never used to be guilty of this until I became a parent. It is much harder to eat three meals a day when you are busy taking care of everyone else. If you are guilty of this one it is important to remember that you need to be taken care of too! Food nourishes your body and gives you energy. Your metabolism is also much slower when skipping meals.
Another mistake that most people are guilty of is obsessing about their weight. I did not add this to my top three because I have been working on this one for years and have improved tremendously. It is a slippery slope to this dangerous obsession that many Americans struggle with. As soon as I threw out my scale and quit obsessing about the numbers I lost weight and was much happier. If you struggle with this mistake try throwing out the scale. You will be amazed by the freedom that comes along with it.
I am sure you guys can relate to some of these mistakes, and I hope this will motivate you to take a look at your health and make the small tweaks that make a big difference.
Now, here is the first workout of the year! I love this because it is quick and intense. It works your arms and abs while kicking your butt with some cardio. You can also find this workout, along with others, on my workout page.

arms, abs and cardio blast

Below, I have listed the exercises that may be unfamiliar to you:

V- ups

v ups

Around the Worlds

around the world 2

around the world

Kettlebell twists

Plank kick outs

plank kickouts

bent over row

bent over row

Bent knee hip raise

bent knee hip raise 2

bent knee hip raise


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