Fitspo images- A slippery slope to self-destruction?

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I hope everyone is having a fabulous day. It’s almost the weekend! I think the Avett Bros with my hubby and bestie will make for a pretty great ending to October.

Many of you have probably heard of thinspo. It’s pictures of dangerously looking women that people with eating disorders use as motivation to continue to live their unhealthy lifestyle. Many sites on the internet have banned these sort of photos, but there is another form of ‘inspiration’ that has come to the fore front and has been extremely popular on websites like pinterest and tumblr. It’s called ‘fitspo’. It is pictures of extremely ‘fit’ looking women with a chiseled 6 pack and biceps that would scare small children. These images are usually accompanied with some inspirational quote that is supposed to push you to meeting your fitness goals.

Looking at these images and reading articles led me to question if these ‘fitspo’ pictures are really much better on the self- esteem of the already self-conscious women of America. The women that must compete with actresses whose job is to work out and stay in shape and images on magazines that have been airbrushed and altered to perfection.

For some women these images could be a slippery slope to unhealthy behavior that could turn into a whirlwind of self-destruction.

I mean come on, that ‘fitspo’ makes me feel like if I don’t look like THAT than I’m not working hard enough and don’t deserve it.

And this girl looks 14..

These are my favorite. The ones that look like she is about to shoot a soft porn. I mean, who works out in that? I hate the ‘inspirational’ quote, too. That is exactly what Barbie and fashion models look like. I am not saying it is a bad thing, but I mean who are they trying to fool?

Some of these photos are really unrealistic. It is possible for us to look like that, but we would have to be on an extremely strict exercise and diet regimen. It isn’t really realistic to look like this ALL the time. These pictures may make women feel that if they don’t look like that than they are not trying hard enough, or they are doing something wrong.

Having said that, there are some fitspo pictures that I do appreciate and motivates me in a positive way.

This one is probably my favorite. She just looks like a bad ass. Her body is realistic and she really does look like she is doing that for herself.

Of course I like this one because let’s face it, I DO want to be a fit soccer mom! This picture is also inspiring and not self-depreciating.

I guess what I am trying to say is that yes, some of these ‘fitspo’ pictures have the ability to negatively affect women. Some of the pictures make us believe that there is one body type that is the image of a healthy woman. The truth is there are MANY different body types that promote a healthy lifestyle. We as women must be confident enough to realize this. We are more than a porn star with an inspirational quote on her boobies. We are strong, beautiful women who live a healthy lifestyle for ourselves, for our children, for the impressionable young girls who see these pictures and do not know any better but to believe this is the only image of healthy.

I want to know what you guys think! do you feel like these are motivational and inspiring or damaging to our self- esteem?

I have also attached a couple of articles regarding this topic.

Fitspo Images: exercise motivation or a dangerous obsession?

Health Controversy: Is “Fitspo” Bad for You?


2 thoughts on “Fitspo images- A slippery slope to self-destruction?

  1. I love this blog post and couldn’t agree more! There is a fine line with the fitspo images, some I find motivating, but some could seriously have negative effects on people. I must say I really liked the fit soccer mom, as I’m a new mom to a little boy whose father LOVES soccer, so hopefully that will be me. However, I think many can be just as bad as the fitspo, some of the images are just not realistic and achievable for most people. I guess it all really depends on the image and who is looking at them, but there is definintely room for concern. So glad you chose to blog about this, I think it’s so important! Thanks!

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