SPICE up your exercise routine with the KETTLEBELL!!

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I hope everyone had a great independence day! I’m sure everyone spent time with friends and family.. Maybe indulged a little!

Today I want to talk about kettlebell training. It is a form of exercise that I have been curious about for some time, but never took the time to research and test it out for myself because I felt that it was a ‘fad’ and wouldn’t be around for long. When I kept hearing the positive results people were having from them I had to find out for myself.


I kettlebell is a weight that resembles a cannonball with a handle on it. It originated in Russia when markets would use it as a counterweight to measure the weight of produce. Eventually, the military began to use it for conditioning. It has recently become popular in America.


The weight of the kettlebell is below the handle, this creates instability and so your body has to use more muscles to balance the weight. Since it requires more muscle movement it is a great cardio and endurance workout, along with improving your range of motion. You have to use your core muscles more with these types of movements as well, and I know everyone is always looking for a routine that will help them to get a FLAT TUMMY!


– CARDIO AND ENDURANCE WORKOUT: Swinging the kettlebell creates momentum that requires your muscles to stop the bell and reverse the action. This momentum makes for a great cardio and endurance workout if doing the exercises as circuits.

– FULL BODY WORKOUT: The kettlebell has an offset center of gravity, therefore you are working more muscles to stabilize the weight, especially the core and back.

– GREAT RESULTS IN LESS TIME: Since the exercises require you to use many body parts you are able to get an effective workout in less time.


– INCREASE CORE STRENGTH: the motions used in most kettlebell exercises use all core muscles, including oblique, abdominals and adductors.

– VARIETY!! This is such a great workout to add variety to your routine. Adding it to a routine you are doing, or replacing it with one is a great way to spice up your workouts and prevent boredom and plateauing.


For women: the recommended size is 18 lbs, but I recommend starting with lower if you are not doing strength training on a regular basis.

For men: the recommended size is 35 lbs.


– Replace one or two of your usual exercises with a kettlebell exercise.

– Add a couple of exercises to the beginning or end of your normal routine.

– Cross training. Do a circuit routine that includes 8-10 kettlebell exercises on your active recovery day to add variety to your routine.

– As your sole source of exercise. Personally, I prefer to add a kettlebell circuit to the cardio OR strength training I am doing that day, but since the kettlebell does engage so many muscle groups you could use it as your only workout.

So, now that I have given you all the low down on the kettlebell I will share with you a routine I have created for myself. PLEASE click on the exercise because it will show you a great video on how to do the exercise! I am also going to add a couple of websites with great kettlebell exercises!

If you are getting bored with your normal routine I encourage you to try this form of exercise. It changes things up and is extremely fun and effective!

Kettlebell workout (Do 10-12 reps of each exercises one after another without a break. After the last exercise take a 1-2 minute break and repeat. Do the circuit 2-3 times through)

1. Two-handed kettlebell swing

2. Bent row

3. Figure 8

4. Dead lift

5. Kettlebell high pull

6. Kettlebell sumo high pull

7. Power to the people

8. Front squat

Below are two links with great kettlebell exercises you can master.

22 kick- ass kettlebell exercises

Womens Health total body toning routine with kettlebell


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