Best Fitness Apps to Change Your Lifestyle

I know people have different opinions on how technology has changed society for better or worse. Many people think that it has made us sedentary and that is what has caused the obesity epidemic. I feel like, yes people do spend more time using technology, have it be your Ipad to your smart phone, to the television. In my opinion it is not technology’s fault! Every person has the power to make the decision to spend hours watching television or surfing the web. Let’s not blame it on the amazing technology that we are lucky to have!

I have found out first hand that technology can actually HELP you in your journey to living a more active, healthy lifestyle. You, of course, have to want to use it this way.

So without further ado I give you MY favorite fitness apps that I really do use on a regular basis.

At the bottom I have attached a link to an article with other people’s stories of their favorite fitness apps! Enjoy and let me know what apps you are using to help you on your journey!

RunKeeper– free and Pro Version

Although I have not used this on in quite some time because I have not been able to run while being pregnant, I used it before and love it! This app tracks your progress for various activities such as running, cycling, rowing, the elliptical and more. All you do is pick which exercise you will be doing in the beginning and it starts tracking. I have only used it for running.

This app has a built in GPS to log where you have jogged and you can also create a pre-planned jog if you have a certain route you would like to run. It displays on the screen your stats such as distance, speed and pace. My favorite part about the app is that it gives you an audio update of how you are doing every five minutes or every mile, however you want it set up. I have found this to be extremely motivating and I don’t constantly look at the screen to see how far I have gone. Another cool feature about this app is you can start your own music playlist within the app.

Okay I lied, this really is my favorite feature about the app.. you can use it as your own personal trainer by setting up intervals for yourself. Once you set it up a voice will tell you when to start the fast and slow intervals! Love it.

Nike Training- free

While I prefer to create my workouts most of the time, this is the best weight training app on the market right now in my opinion. You have the option to choose cardio, toning or muscle building. It also has 15 minute workouts to combine all of these for a busy person’s workout.

What is so great about this app is there are complete 15- 45 min workouts with a description and step by step pictures on how to do the exercises! It is so helpful. You really do not have to even think when working out with this app because they have done all the work for you. There is even a voice telling you which exercise is next so you don’t even have to look at the screen.

You even get rewarded for all your hard work with this app. Each exercise you do you get points. With these points there are rewards such as a new workout routine by a celebrity or a great recipe!

Seconds Pro- free or Pro Version

I use this app more than any other app on my phone. I love it. It is an interval training timer. You have the option to QUICKLY create your own interval workouts. When creating the timers there is an option to choose the timer type. The options are HIIT, Tabata, Circuit, round timer, compound timer and empty timer. I use the circuit timer the most because that is what I do the most of! Once you pick the timer type, all you do is type in the name of the exercise and there is an option on the rest time between intervals and sets. When you want to do the workout you just choose one you have created and the lady will walk you through all the exercises.

There are also workouts that come with the app that you can use. It comes with tons of free ones but you can also buy more if you would like. LOVE LVOE LOVE IT.

Danial miller Daily workouts- Free and Pro version

I love these little workouts and they are actually what helped me get started with strength training. There is a different app for arms, legs, butt, cardio, abs and yoga. For each exercise there is an option for a 5min, 7 min or 10 min workout. The exercises are fairly easy and still effective. I definitely recommend this for any beginner because it will get you comfortable to doing these types of exercises.

So now I will leave you with an article about others who have used their fitness apps to actually change the way they live for the better. I hope this will motivate you to take that small step to a better you. It is just a click or tap away! Have a great weekend and let me know if you have used any of these apps and your opinion on them!

Want to get fit? Pull out your phone


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