ALL or NOTHING mindset is TOXIC!!

If any of you have ever tried to get serious about living a more healthy life you know that there are some major changes that usually have to take place to get you to where you want to be. This even goes for people who are relatively healthy to begin with. It can be a daunting task that sometimes feels so overwhelming that people quickly get intimidated and quit their new routine shortly after they started or don’t even start at all for fear of failure.

I believe that people should change their mindset about getting into shape and living a healthy life. The all or nothing motto needs to be thrown out the door. It is TOXIC. It sets everyone up for failure. I know because I have been there.

I believe that people need to focus on making one small change at a time. It is the only way you will not feel overwhelmed and be defeated by your good intentions. Feeling like you have to change ALL of your bad habits and add all new, good habits at once is ridiculous – yet most of us actually try to do this when pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

I like most girls and women, have struggled with body and weight issues. I have never been ‘fat’ but you do not have to be to feel bad about yourself. There was a time in my life when I was dealing with personal issues and it affected the way I treated my body as far as living a healthy life. I was in college so I drank more during this time and didn’t respect my body enough to put the right foods in my system. When I finally had enough with feeling depressed and gross I decided to make a change. Of course I tried to change EVERYTHING at once. To no surprise I failed.,, again and again and again. It was so frustrating because I have always been healthy and in shape and knew what to do to get back to that place, but my mental and emotional brain was not letting me. Failing so many times just made me feel worse about myself and my self- esteem plummeted. After struggling with this for about two years I read a book that totally changed my life and the way I thought about food. The book is called Feeding the Hungry Heart By: Geneen Roth. It sounds cheesy but it is a very powerful book.

I decided then that I had to quit letting this run my life. I needed to make small changes one at a time. As soon as I did this my life changed. I quit worrying about everything at once and focused on ONE change at a time and it worked! That was four years ago and up to this day I am still in the best shape of my life.

Change is not instant. It takes time. The hardest part about making small changes is having patience, but once you start making the small changes and you see you can actually succeed at them you will build your confidence. Confidence is the most important thing when trying to change any lifestyle for the better. You have to be confident enough in yourself to know that you deserve to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

You also have to know that you can’t feel defeated every time you make a mistake on your journey. So what if you eat four pieces of birthday cake and it wasn’t even your birthday! Tomorrow is a new day and you will do better. Focus on the good things you did for yourself that day. Always focus on the positive.
Once you start making small changes it will motivate you to make more changes. I promise.

I know this was a long post, but the subject is important to me because I feel like so many people fail because of the ALL OR NOTHING misconception and it drives me crazy!

I have attached an article below about the process of forming good habits and dropping the bad ones. It is a great article and I hope all of you will take away something positive from it!

Build a better you, one habit at a time.


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