YouTube Fitness Guru’s

Happy hump day everyone! I am really excited about this post because I will be sharing with you my absolute favorite YouTube fitness channels!

The past several months I have researched the YouTube fitness scene for at home workouts and advice. I am not opposed to going to the gym. I love going because of the social interaction and access to weights and machines you get. I have found that while being pregnant, working out at home has been what I feel more comfortable with. Exercises have been more intimidating since my body has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time. I have had to experiment with what techniques work best for me for new and old exercises.

Below are my top five favorite channels. I have posted a video from each. Let me know what you think of them! Enjoy!!

1. My go to girl would definitely have to be Amanda Russell. I love her workouts because they definitely fit my style of fitness. She is a runner and loves the interval training. Amanda posts a new video every week!
Channel: AmandaRussell

This is her metabolic meltdown and is one of my favorite workouts!

2. SarahsfabChannel is also a great place to go for quick, yet effective workouts. She is bubbly and outgoing with a realistic, strong body type that every girl would love to have.
Channel: SarahsFabChannel

I love this workout! I have found that it one of the most effective butt workouts, which is definitely a problem area for me.

3. Rebekah Borucki has a great YouTube channel that enlightens us on how to live a natural, healthy life with recipes and workouts that mostly use your own body strength. These workouts are intense and extremely effective. I love her positive attitude and spunky personality.
Channel: genghisgirl

This workout is for all you tabata fans! It concentrates on the abs. Perfect for bikini season!!

4. is such a great channel because it offers a variety of exercises from Pilates to hardcore cardio intervals. The video’s are effective and informative, always explaining the right technique for each exercise.

This is a great workout for glutes and lower back: AKA LOVE HANDLES!!!

5. Susan Becraft is definitely the model spokesperson for a strong women. Her arms, abs and legs are rock hard. I love her workouts because they involve intense, strength training exercises in an interval style.

This workout is extremely intense and is going to be one of the first I do post baby!

I hope you guys enjoy these fitness guru’s. I feel like I have provided you with a variety of fitness styles so everyone can find a channel they can be devoted to! Let me know your favorite!


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