I like the way it makes me feel!

I came across an article today about people who not only stay motivated to workout, but actually crave it. This was very interesting to me because I feel as though I crave exercise. If I go more than a day without working out it puts me in a bad mood and I feel sluggish all day.

This article argues that people ‘crave’ exercise and stay motivated to keep up a routine in the long run because of the way it makes them feel and not the benefits. I agree with this completely. Of course I think that the positive effects of exercise motivate people to start exercising but let’s be honest, if they do not like doing it they won’t no matter how great the benefits are.

People who work out because of the way it makes them feel quit making excuses to not workout and actually find a way to workout even if it is inconvenient.

It is no secret that being pregnant is exhausting and can make you feel that you need a nap before lunch is served. I believe that this gives people the excuse to take a hiatus from there exercise routine because they feel that they can barely get out of bed much less voluntarily do extra physical activity. I realized early in my pregnancy that taking a break in my pregnancy would just make me feel worse physically and mentally. When I feel exhausted I actually feel more motivated to workout because I know it will give me the boost I need and put me in a good mood all day. The hardest part is taking that first step.

I have been able to keep up some sort of physical activity because of the way it makes me feel. Being pregnant has actually enhanced the good feelings that come with exercising and I have actually craved it more. Some days I still have to make myself exercise. I have been up all night because of heart burn and aches and pains I did not even know I could have; I am most certainly not ‘craving’ it but I have to remember how I will feel after. It is such a good feeling that it usually wins. Below is a link to the article and I have also added it to the health and fitness article page!

Sold on the feeling, if not the benefits to health

This is the workout I did today to satisfy my craving. 🙂

The ‘feel good’ burn cardio circuit ( do this circuit two times through with a 1-2 minute break in between)

5 sec spiderman push ups
15 sec rest
45 sec power squat jumps
15 sec rest
45 sec ski hops
15 sec rest
45 sec plank jacks
15 sec rest
45 sec donkey kicks left
15 sec rest
45 sec skater jumps
15 sec rest
45 sec donkey kicks right
15 sec rest
45 sec mountain climbers
15 sec rest
45 sec jumping jack squats

Lower Body Circuit 2 (Do each exercise three times through)

12 calf raise squat

12 chair lunge

12 jumping squat

15 plie

12 sumo squat with side arm raise

12 squat with kickback

12 inside roundhouse – each leg

12 outside roundhouse – each leg

Please leave comments about the exercises to let me know what you love and hate about them!!


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