No more ‘fitness funk’

I have to say that staying motivated while gaining 30+ lbs has not been the easiest thing. It makes it more difficult to get out of a ‘fitness funk’ because technically you have an ‘excuse’ to not feel like working out. I am making a human in my body is that not enough of a workout??! Unfortunately it is not. The days where you are in a funk turn into a week and then two. At this point you may feel like “what’s the point?”

I came across a great article today by Jenna Wolfe on this common issue. It was extremely motivating to me and I think that anyone who has ever felt this way will enjoy it. I have also posted it on the health and fitness article page!

In a fitness funk? How to make a comeback

After reading this article I felt fully motivated to get my workout on. today I did a video from Amanda Russell YouTube called Super Calorie Burn workout! This is the first time I have done this workout and I loved it. I did it three times through. It took about 20 minutes. After that I did my Upper Body Circuit 1 workout. I have posted both below and also added them to the cardio and strength training pages on this blog!

As for my H2O goal… I only drank 8 glasses today! 😦 It has been a little more difficult than I had anticipated because your actually have to make a conscious effort to drink that much water! I am determined to make this a habit and I will do better tomorrow!

Upper body Circuit 1 (Do each exercise three times through)

12 reps Overhead Extension

30 second forearm plank

12 reps of chair dips

12 push ups

12 dumbbell curls

12 lunge and curl

12 bent-over row

12 reverse bridge dips



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