H20 does the pregnant body good!

So today I am definitely feeling super pregnant and HOT, HOT, HOT!! My next pregnancy I might even plan so I won’t be a scorching blimp in the middle of the summer!! 🙂

Having said that, my new goal is going to try my best to drink 2.3 liters (10 cups) of water per day. Where did I get this randsom number? This is what the The Institute of Medicine has recommended for pregnant or nursing women. I have attached an article below from the Mayo Clinic website with general information on exactly how much water every person should drink. I have also added this article on my ‘article’ page.

How Much Water Should I Drink??

Before pregnancy this would not have been a challenge because all I drank was water. With pregnancy comes cravings and exhaustion. This leads to adding caffine and sugary drinks into your diet! I know that once I get the unhealthy drinks out of my system I will have more energy anyways.

Wish me luck!


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